Cannabis Testing Program Launched by Feds to Help Know What You’re Buying

Cannabis Quality Fed Program Marijuana Buying
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A national science agency announced on Tuesday it is launching a cannabis testing tool to help make sure that the goods people buy from retailers and dispensaries are correctly labeled.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) stated that because hemp has been legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, there is an urgent requirement for customers to become educated about how to buy cannabis products being sold on the marketplace. To this end, the bureau will be spearheading a multi-phase job to promote best practices in laboratory testing. Continue reading “Cannabis Testing Program Launched by Feds to Help Know What You’re Buying”

Cannabis Dispensaries – 5 Things You Must Know

Cannabis Dispensary Marijuana Dispensary
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1. The very first thing your budtender is going to wish to know is the reason you’re there or what your aim using cannabis is, so go in ready with a response.

Though I understood there were essentially an endless number of strains on the market, I was under the belief that there were actually only two varieties of marijuana: the sort that made me moan before I fell asleep and also the sort that made me sweat along with paranoia. I was amazed to find myself using such a in depth talk with my budtender concerning my holiday plans. Can I need poolside bud or did I need concert weed? Can I be drinking too? How anxious would I be in a bunch of people? How comfy is overly relaxed for supper? Continue reading “Cannabis Dispensaries – 5 Things You Must Know”