Legal Cannabis States Have Fewer Vaping Injuries

cannabis legal states have fewer vaping injuriesStates which have legalized marijuana were usually less inclined to observe spikes from vaping-related lung injuries which occurred within the previous year in comparison with states in which cannabis stays banned, according to another study. This is interesting data showing that legal cannabis states have few vaping injuries.

The newspaper, published Tuesday in the journal , appears to strengthen arguments from reform urges who legalizing and regulating marijuana mitigates the threat to consumers of using polluted and possibly harmful products.

The analysis also concluded that besides state policies,”neither greater adult vaping prices nor greater rates of current cannabis use predicted raised” e-cigarette or vaping merchandise use-associated lung trauma, or EVALI. Continue reading “Legal Cannabis States Have Fewer Vaping Injuries”

Cannabis Extracts Kill Certain Types of Cancer Cells

Cannabis Extracts Kill Cancer, Marijuana ExtractsCannabis extracts may inhibit the survival of particular forms of cancer cells and inhibit their spread, as per a recent research. However, the ramifications of these cannabis extracts vary significant according to their particular chemical makeup.

Researchers found that treating cancer cells using isolated elements in cannabis, for example THC alone, does not seem to be particularly successful –but complete cannabis extracts showed much more promise. But with all the plant comprising hundreds of substances that appear in various concentrations across breeds and trainings, scientists had their work cut out for them in exploring how various cannabinoid mixtures treated different kinds of cancer cells. Continue reading “Cannabis Extracts Kill Certain Types of Cancer Cells”

Cannabis Could be Used in Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

cannabis covid-19 vaccine marijuana researchResearchers specializing in infectious disease at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada are turning to cannabis as they construct a new COVID-19 virus vaccine candidate. The research team says that a plant-based antigen could be simpler to create commercially on a wide scale than animal-based antigens. Continue reading “Cannabis Could be Used in Potential COVID-19 Vaccine”

Cannabis Helps IBS Patients Spend Less Time in Hospital

cannabis IBS patients, marijuana irritable bowl syndrome
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The results of a current study demonstrate that patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) who have a background of cannabis utilize spent significantly less time at the hospital also had reduced inpatient healthcare usage and related costs. A report about the study,”Association between cannabis use and health care usage in patients with irritable bowel syndrome: A retrospective cohort analysis,” was published a month in the journal Cereus.

Hospital of Cook County in Chicago examined hospitalization data from over 9,000 patients within a four-year period who had a primary discharge diagnosis of IBS. Cannabis consumers and non-users were compared for various clinical results. Continue reading “Cannabis Helps IBS Patients Spend Less Time in Hospital”