Golfer Suspended for Medical Cannabis Asks PGA to End Marijuana Ban

Cannabis Medical PGA Marijuana BanRobert Garrigus advised Golf Channel he utilized medical cannabis to deal with knee and back pain in accordance with state law in Washington. Performance enhancing substances that provide players and unfair benefit should remain illegal, he explained, but”everything else ought to be a discussion”

“I was not attempting to hamper the PGA Tour whatsoever, my fellow professionals at all,” he explained. “I do not cheat the match. This was not the intention.”

He is planning to start a dialogue about producing an exception for marijuana awarded its lawful standing in states around the nation.

He contended that cannabis”does not help you put it at the pit,” unlike other prohibited substances like human growth hormone. And while he has stopped with medical cannabis, Garrigus stated it ought to be a choice available to gamers.

“For those who have some form of pain and CBD or THC can help this, and you also really feel as if it can assist you and be prescribed by a physician, then what exactly are we doing?” He stated . “If you’re doing marijuana then we ought to be studying for alcohol, also. If you’re able to purchase it in a shop, then why are we testing to it? That is my view.”

“Taking a badly branded supplement that’s contaminated with a banned substance isn’t a defense to a breach of this App,” PGA explained.

Garrigus stated”100 percent” of players he has spoken to agree that marijuana ought to be removed from the prohibited substances list.

“I have not heard a bad thing from one man,” he explained. “Every single man I have talked to stated that it is a totally ridiculous rule”