Study Shows Cannabis May Ease Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms – Johns Hopkins

cannabis opioid withdrawl symptomsResearchers are searching for clinical trials to the effectiveness of marijuana for treating opioid use disorder after a recently published study found that cannabis can alleviate many common signs of opioid withdrawal.

Of the 125 respondents who used marijuana to deal with their withdrawal, almost three-quarters (72% ) said it eased their symptoms, although only 6.4 percent said that it made them worse. Still another 20 percent reported mixed effects, and three individuals (2.4% ) stated cannabis did not appear to have a clear effect in any event. Continue reading “Study Shows Cannabis May Ease Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms – Johns Hopkins”

Golfer Suspended for Medical Cannabis Asks PGA to End Marijuana Ban

Cannabis Medical PGA Marijuana BanRobert Garrigus advised Golf Channel he utilized medical cannabis to deal with knee and back pain in accordance with state law in Washington. Performance enhancing substances that provide players and unfair benefit should remain illegal, he explained, but”everything else ought to be a discussion”

“I was not attempting to hamper the PGA Tour whatsoever, my fellow professionals at all,” he explained. “I do not cheat the match. This was not the intention.” Continue reading “Golfer Suspended for Medical Cannabis Asks PGA to End Marijuana Ban”

CBD vs. THC – The Main Differences

CBD THC Differences Cannabis MarijuanaThough conventional requirement for THC has generated an oversaturation of high-potency goods, many customers are beginning to prefer less extreme products which are reduced in THC and greater in the non-intoxicating chemical named CBD (cannabidiol).

What is the distinction between CBD and THC?
THC and CBD are equally cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, but they are different in various ways which will influence your following dispensary buy. Continue reading “CBD vs. THC – The Main Differences”

New Marijuana Legalization Bill Pushed by Senator

cannabis legalization marijuana legalizationThe senator, whose”Substance Regulation and Safety Act” was released last month, stated that end cannabis prohibition could assist law enforcement devote more funds to serious offenses, as opposed to continue to criminalize individuals in a racially disparate manner. Continue reading “New Marijuana Legalization Bill Pushed by Senator”

10 Most Popular Cannabis Products Sold Today

cannabis products marijuana buy weed pot

Cannabis has come a very long way to become the multi-billion industry it’s now. Overcoming the stigma and false reporting in the prior decades, it’s definitely become a top business and also a source of livelihood for all across the world.

Back in the year 1996, California became the first nation to legalize the use of cannabis at a landmark judgment that sent waves all around the world. Ever since that time, 10 countries in North America have legalized its own recreational usage and 33 have legalized its own medical usage.

With the arrival of the era of information, largely via the web, a whole lot more folks are currently armed with details about the plant and are currently aware of a lot of its properties and uses. With more understanding came more recognition and more recognition came more firm thoughts. Innovation knocked on the door of this business and caused it to a few wonderful cannabis solutions. Here’s a listing of the present best-selling ones.

Cannabis Gummies

All these are edibles but in the kind of candy or candy. Cannabis gummies have gotten so popular they are offered in several of shops on the shelves. Continue reading “10 Most Popular Cannabis Products Sold Today”

How to Buy Good Cannabis

Cannabis photo
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Buying cannabis can be intimidating. When you enter a cannabis shop, you’re met with a massive choice of products. How can you even begin to navigate your alternatives? Why would you spend $60 on an eighth of Purple Punch that is 23 percent THC when there is a $20 eighth out of a different brand with 28% THC? And it may be even harder if you are buying online and can not find this item. Continue reading “How to Buy Good Cannabis”