Legal Cannabis States Have Fewer Vaping Injuries

cannabis legal states have fewer vaping injuriesStates which have legalized marijuana were usually less inclined to observe spikes from vaping-related lung injuries which occurred within the previous year in comparison with states in which cannabis stays banned, according to another study. This is interesting data showing that legal cannabis states have few vaping injuries.

The newspaper, published Tuesday in the journal , appears to strengthen arguments from reform urges who legalizing and regulating marijuana mitigates the threat to consumers of using polluted and possibly harmful products.

The analysis also concluded that besides state policies,”neither greater adult vaping prices nor greater rates of current cannabis use predicted raised” e-cigarette or vaping merchandise use-associated lung trauma, or EVALI. Continue reading “Legal Cannabis States Have Fewer Vaping Injuries”

Illegal Cannabis Grow Sites Decline After Cannabis Legalization

Illegal Cannabis Grow Sites, Marijuana, Oregon, WashingtonIllegal cannabis grow sites in Oregon and Washington national forests has declined significantly since each state has legalized recreational cannabis, according to a recent study.

However, while legalization seems to have been a driving element for diminished illegal cannabis grow sites in Oregon, which does not appear to be true in Washington. The distinction, it appears, might have to do with how each nation wrote its marijuana legislation. Continue reading “Illegal Cannabis Grow Sites Decline After Cannabis Legalization”